Was planning my day recently, I was reminded of a personal belief, “Whatever I am scheduling, I am trading my life for it!”

Whenever I watch a sporting event on TV or in person, I am trading my life for it.

I have a finite amount of time left, “Do I want to schedule time to watch someone else playing in their sandbox or schedule that portion of my life doing that will benefit me or humankind?”

I have the choice, watching someone else enrich their life through exercise, sometimes earning an inordinate amount of money, or, get the benefit of exercise, or gaining knowledge or wisdom by learning myself.

The most enjoyment while watching TV in years past has been watching one of our sports teams, college or pro, I loved it. Now, I want to continue, but not watching. I want to watch or do things that enrich me or someone else. Exercise, knowledge, wisdom, health, skill learning, etc., a good trade.

There has been a time, I was so exhausted from my work or some activity that watching a sporting event or meaningless show was all I had left in my tank, but that is rare.