Not sure where I first read about the “Happiest Man in the World”? I wondered how the researchers chose or identified him?

His name is Matthieu Ricard, and he is the happiest man in the world according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin. The 66 year old Tibetan, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin, produces a level of gamma waves, those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory never before reported in neuroscience.

He says, “To be truly happy we have to get rid of mental toxins such as hatred, obsession, arrogance, greed and pride.

I have said for years, if there is something wrong in my life, it is caused by my ego. When I retire my ego, all of the mental toxins will leave, I believe. It is a work in progress.

If I could rid myself of those toxins and cultivate positive qualities such as altruism and become a giver rather than a taker, I would be working towards the answer for me.

During meditation, I have chosen The Serenity Prayer as my mantra, “God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, courage to change what I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Ricard says among countless other things, yes, he is very happy because he never concerns himself with anything which he can’t do anything about. I thought, that is the Serenity Prayer at work.

He scoffs at the title of happiest person in the world, but yes, he is happy, but, with billions of people untested, “who is to say who is the happiest?”

Whenever I read the paper, I realize much is written to create negative emotion, the news value is absent or sketchy. When I feel myself responding with negative emotion, I close that portion of the paper, if I can’t do something about it.

Becoming free and happy is a grand work in progress.