"Don't Give Up Before the Miracle Happens"

During the worst of our “crop failure”, I experienced an incredible insight.

We had lost everything, better yet, “sold” everything or had it foreclosed on. Like the small apartment complex, duplex, gun collection, stocks, jewelry, in an attempt to save our home.

When our income was interrupted, the savings and loan holding the mortgage never sent a past due notice and I made a serious mistaking thinking I could sell off items and catch up.

When the mortgage payment became six months past due they made their move. They started a preliminary eviction notice.

I went to their main office and explained our situation.

A Vice President heard my proposal discussed it with their “loan committee” and contacted me.

He said, “If we would pay four months, current, they would take month five and incorporate it with month seven and take month six and incorporate it with month eight and we would be current.

I sold everything of value, gun collection, jewelry, and golf clubs and brought him a check for four months complete with penalties.

When my check cleared he called me and said the CEO had changed his mind and wanted the last two months past due in three days or they would evict us.

My ego was so impacted and, I was so exhausted, I gave up.

We moved into a small rental as we surrendered the keys.

I gave up before the miracle happened.

My ego took over. I became immobilized at the bankers’ betrayal and his perceived lack of character.

I contacted all of our creditors and made arrangements for all of the remaining debt.

It took us 11 years to pay off all the debt.

The banker was doing what his kind do. He didn’t create the mess, I did, but I compounded it when I gave up too soon.

It’s all a wonderful memory, have a different home, we are totally debt free.

I am responsible. What I learned was I gave up too quickly. That is one mistake I don’t need to repeat any time soon.