"A Picture Provides The Road Map"

When I was young, doing the latter part of the Depression, we spent most holidays with my aunt and uncle.

They had no children but included my brother and me in the festive day.

My aunt, my mothers sister and my mother were wonderful cooks. Dinner was always wonderful.

There was no T.V. yet, and no other children to play with. We had radio but it held no communal appeal.

After the dishes, etc., my uncle would bring out the Chinese checkers and the games began. I loved that game. We never played games in our home and I just plain loved to play. Wasn’t so much about winning, just about playing.

Next, if it wasn’t too late, my uncle would bring out a jigsaw puzzle.

My brother and I and 2 or 3 adults had a great time piecing it together.

Looking back on that experience, I now realized the relationship between the puzzle and success in life.

I urge anyone, and especially myself, when I set a goal; write out the reason “why”, find a picture of it in a magazine or someplace. Have an audio tape or C/D of the goal or hand drawn picture. Feed my mind with a visual reinforcement to support the written text, etc.

When we would reach a temporary block to the jigsaw puzzle, one of us would reach for the box, the puzzle arrived in. Study the picture on the top of box and continue on.

So, when working on the goal, have the picture we started with, is often enough to get us unstuck just like looking at the picture of the finished puzzle on the box top.