"Deliver The Body"

When I joined a gym about 60 years ago, I met a “man inspired”.

Earl Willetts was a legend. He was in his late 70’s then.

There was a concrete railing around the roof, about 12 inches in diameter.

There was a picture of Earl doing a handstand on that railing with no tie-down or safety net.

There was a picture of Jimmy H., a 76 year old president of a large department store, shorts, tee shirt, and buff in his impressive buff pose.

I asked Early, what was the secret to that success?

He said, “There is no secret it is about habit.”

Jimmy has a schedule that puts him in here at 7:00 AM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

He went on to say if you want to succeed, you should form the habit of doing the things unsuccessful people choose not to do. (Amazing how often I heard that in those days.)

I said, “What about those mornings when I have been to a scout meeting, or church meeting or business dinner that kept me out late?”

He said, “You come in here, take a stool, at your scheduled time, place the stool against the wall, sit down and watch others work out. You deliver the body!” “Unsuccessful people break the habit! You are not, you deliver the body! You will be a success in here.” He was right.