The great 12th Century Jewish Sage Maimonides wrote that charity is a blessing and we must all exercise it if we can.

“But, the finest form of charity is to enable a poor man to support himself with honor and usefulness.”

I enjoy reading essays and other writing by Paul Johnson as he quotes Maimonides, “There is a joy in lifting people out of want, not by alms, but, on a permanent basis.”

Men and women have been rendered unable to work, to support oneself, and their family because of alcohol, drugs, illness, incarceration, or some other valid reasons, or simply thru a decision.

I might be most helpful if I addressed the cause within the limits of my ability and experiences if the individual desires assistance and use my experience to serve as a resource or connection to direct them to a job, if they are wanting to return to work.

I listened to an articulate, modestly dressed man, perhaps 40 years old, saying, “It is time to go back to work.” He went on to say, “It is six years since I last held a job. It’s just time.”

We hear a lot of great stories at Pioneer Human Services and other places I have served. Those who follow through and are succeeding in returning to work, provide motivation to those who hear their story.

Providing housing and other services is so important, but, helping find work is the most important according to some.