"Your Secret Power"

Impossible to know how much your act of kindness, of thoughtfulness, may mean to the recipient.

I have a friend that I see when we are playing golf, I see him in the locker room and a member or two of his group at the store or in our community.

Recently, he opened a short conversation with, “I understand you have written a couple of books and used to manage a large company and team.” I said, “Yes to both.”

He asked where he could get a copy of my book? Amazon or somewhere else?

I told him if he purchased it at Amazon, because they don’t make a market any longer, he would pay “the collectors price, if they even had it and I would gift him a copy.” I did.

About 10 days later, he called and said he loved the book and wanted to purchase 12 copies for members of his firm and would I sign them? Yes!

I had been languishing in writing, finishing my third book.

Thanks to Lou and his kindness, people saw the book and it started a real buzz. A couple of Lou’s key people have gone out of their way to thank Lou and me.

The real point is, tho, my enthusiasm for book #3 has been totally revitalized because of Lou, for which I am so grateful. I am not certain that Lou realized the power and energy he released with his kindness.