Not because they are better than those who are inclined toward being “a taker” but they share that the act of kindness on their part, produces a sense of well being.

Encounters are often one of three things, pleasant, neutral or unpleasant. I try to make my half pleasant every time.

Some work at making it unpleasant, at best.

When demolition of a main north and south viaduct was planned, the media assured long delays would happen, tempers would flare, accidents increase, none of which occurred, during my twice daily commute.

Daily, I would see motorists create openings for other drivers to merge, and it has seemed that drivers acknowledged the kindness with a wave, in most cases. It has worked well, smoothly with daily gestures of kindness.

I was waiting for the elevator after my morning workout when another man joined me. Pleasant, smiling, I asked him what he does when not working out, he said he had a full-time job, but also was on the board of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on a volunteer committee at the University of Washington and other committees as a volunteer.

Another man, with a locker next to mine, pleasant in every encounter, went missing two weeks this summer, he explained he had been away on vacation to camp with his son as the scoutmaster.

Another is serving as the volunteer president of the Regional Heart Association.

All of these men never complain about the weather, the traffic, or local sports teams when they lose or anything else.

There is a certain joy in helping others that people have found and it is there for all of us to enjoy.