Was going to the gym, before work, early as is my practice, five days per week.

As I got up to cruising speed on Hwy 509, I realized I should look at the speedometer, I saw I was going exactly 60 mph. Surprise! No need to reduce or increase the speed.

I was going exactly 60 mph. A warm feeling came over me, without trying I was at exactly the speed limit.

We hear conversations that we can get by, sometimes, 67-68 mph in a 60 mph zone. Not always.

At 60 mph in a 60 mph zone, I am in control. At 67-68 mph in a 60 mph I am under the control of the state patrol, county deputy sheriff, city police and then the prosecutor and finally a judge. I have abdicated, someone could take over control.

Same with the IRS, if I follow the rules, 100%, I am in control, when “I paint with a wide brush”, “I have turned over control to some IRS employee”.

On the job, when I follow the rules and I do what I am paid to do, am warm, thoughtful to my peers and “the boss”, I influence the relationship. I have a strong voice in my continuing to work there. Again, if I am a marginal worker, my boss or someone else has a strong voice in whether I continue to work there.

Same with a spouse, if I am caring, loving, considerate, I have increased the odds of staying in the relationship. I realize; there is always the element of chance. When one is the negative, controlling person, angry, short tempered, to the other partner has a strong voice in who stays or leaves.

If I choose to become in control of my weight, I become the control person, to decide to go 60 mph in a 60 mph zone, decide to ingest less sugar, carbs, control 60 mph or 160 lb weight.

Is now the time to affirm, “I become what I think about?” I believe I could control this aspect of my life. The whole objective for some involved in meditation and mindfulness is to become present here and now.