After doing “this work” for over sixty-years, many feel I should retire, close-up shop, go home, close the drapes and wait for it to get late. I can do it and possibly live comfortably with my wife.

The tone of some of this message may communicate that I am “feeling superior” to those who retire. No, not at all, everyone should retire when they want; it is none of my business what the other person does.

I have had an incredible life, while still working, become a 12 handicap golfer; good skeet shooter 25 of 25, OK trap shooter, good big bore shooter, reloaded big bore and shotgun, climbed mountains, completed marathons, 3 triathlons, ran a sport boat for years, U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain of a charter boat. Served on countless boards and president of organizations. Taught one class per quarter at the University of Washington, lectured at Seattle University, went parachuting, (not sky diving), helped start a halfway house that now does over $80 million per year, Cub Master and on and on.

So, I have had a rich 60 plus years.

Now, about continuing to help others.

Because I have continued to study, teach, consult, run a consulting practice, served on non-profits and many abilities that taught and strengthened me as a man. As a teacher and a leader, consultant, I have 22 more years of learning, teaching and experience to pass on to individuals emerging in their life and career.