"The Influence of Great Friends"

Show me a young person’s friends and I will share some insights to their future.

At age 42, I had never run any distance.

Four of us started talking a little about starting to run. Bill Bump, Gary Tomlinson, Gary Ratzlaff and I were in those early discussions.

One-by-one they started running on the track, indoor at the Washington Athletic Club. Twenty laps to a mile. I followed.

One-by-one they started running outside. I was the last to start running, last one to go outside. First time outside I fell on the concrete and skinned my hands and knees.

We kept increasing the miles and one-by-one they started running marathons.

Again, I was in the last to finish a marathon.

I bought a training manual from the track coach at Seattle Pacific University.

I completed the one year training and finished my first marathon in 4 hours and 5 minutes.

I ran 54 more including New York, 5 times and Boston. I got into Boston in the lottery, held for the 100th running.

I did 3 triathlons, not the ironman and a couple helped me summit Mt. Rainier.

I ran my last marathon when I turned 80, all thanks to the incredible men (and later women) who let me run with them.

I was truly blessed to be accepted with real Eagles.