When Jim Collins wrote about the Level Five Leadership, our Roundtable members, were interested.

The Level Five executives who displayed very high levels of determination. The “iron will” that helped create the success, is a skill that can be learned.

I wanted the success, the achievement, not for the recognition or money, but the great feeling of accomplishment. Those of us who are older, have had such experiences and gained so much knowledge that it seems a shame to take it to the grave rather than share it with someone. There is a percentage of people who would eagerly receive the experience, if I would share it.

There is always the element of chance, and sometimes luck, but we have a personal impact on the outcome of any endeavors based on our personal will.

You couple that with deep personal humility.

I knew there was some personal will in quitting smoking and all tobacco, drinking, losing 50#’s for my first of 55 marathons, three triathlons and much more.

But, the ego still creeps in. Seems deep humility, avoiding center stage, the main spotlight and becoming non-judgmental is a different journey and now has a higher priority.

As I substitute love and gratitude for my quest for recognition, I seem much happier.