Was talking to my old pal Dean this morning and we were talking about the opinion, “How lucky we are, we have a purpose in life, to help others who want to be helped.”

When my wife and I lost everything, our home, apartments, duplex, investments and starting over, I purchased a piece of poster board from an art store and created my/our future, complete with pictures and printed goals. Doing a triathlon, (completed 3), run a marathon, (completed 55), buy a house, (we have a nice home), finished the book, (published in the U.S., in French in Canada, China and Europe) and on and on.

Stopped running when I turned 80, ran Chicago Marathon.

Found the poster board, going to do another poster board.

The first thing I printed was to do a half marathon to celebrate my 90th birthday in a little over two years.

Last week, I started up again, on the indoor track and walked 1/20th of a mile, today two laps more.

I had drawn a circle in my mind, I put the Seahawks, in my mind outside the circle when they started their message of hatred and our coach supported them by locking arms when some were kneeling.

I drew a 3 inch circle on my new poster board, and the first entry was the Seahawks, one slight difference this time, I put the Seahawks “inside” the circle, alongside the coach. No resentments or hatred on the visual!

A brilliant man taught me recently, “Never concern yourself with anything or anyone “you can’t do anything about.”

Putting the coach and the Seahawks outside my circle doesn’t define the coach or the Seahawks, it defines me, and inability to accept something I can’t do anything about, really defines me. God, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change”, etc.

When I get wound up in whatever is happening in Washington, D.C., or China, or North Korea, etc., after I have voted, it doesn’t define them, it only defines me.

An effective person doesn’t focus on “the problem” they focus on the opportunities.