I keep looking, every day, for inspiration. Something is beautiful or just plain inspiring on kindness in action.

The Dalai Lama and his co-author Dr. Howard Cutler, in the book, “The Art of Happiness” have convinced me that an objective of life is to be happy.

I started my week on Monday, talking to Jeff early on Monday morning.

Jeff explained that he had a wonderful weekend. He went on to explain that it was his 61st birthday just this past weekend.

I asked, “Did you celebrate?” he told me, “Yes, I went for a 100 mile bike ride, it was my present to myself. It took 6 ½ hours. I felt wonderful after that birthday gift to myself”.

I felt inspired and happy hearing Jeff share his birthday with me.

I am surrounded by a wonderful, loving family, who enjoy heaping love on me, they serve the wonderful barbecue, or something equally delicious, followed by cookies and cheesecake; on Father’s Day, it was cake with rich frosting about one inch thick, with assorted berries on top, and of course there is much left over and I eat more for dessert for days, with the corresponding increase in my weight.

What would it be like to pattern my birthday after Jeff with some activity, and then top it off with fresh fruit or berries?

As poor as we were when I was a child, my mother always served something sweet after a festive dinner. Usually it was something she had prepared or baked. I formed the habit of the “sweet tooth” which is OK until the years and less activity result in increased personal weight.

Thanks, Jeff, I think I would be happier changing or modifying that habit.