A great quote: “Freedom is the only worthy goal in life.”

It is won by disregarding those things that are beyond my control.

A variation of this is The Serenity Prayer, “God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Can Not Change”, etc.

When I found a note to myself, “If you can’t learn to master your thinking you are in deep trouble, forever.”

I came out after my workout this morning, and it was raining. Someone asked me, “How do you like the rain? The first rain in many days.” I replied, “I love it, even though I didn’t have a raincoat.” I added, “I love Seattle weather, there is no such thing as bad weather in Seattle, there is only inadequate clothing.”

Happiness is not a function of circumstances, it’s a function of my outlook on life.

When I say I am having a great day, I am having a great day.

The only way I’ve found to have a great day is by controlling my thinking and that way is to meditate.

The only way I have learned to control my thinking is through meditation, and I have done it successfully, but, I had to practice it. It took time to learn it, and I have.

Consistent of one of my goals, to never make anything “a big deal”, ever again.

Nothing has ever been accomplished by “making it a big deal”. My objective is to stop catastrophizing which could be predicting a negative outcome or jumping to the conclusion that if the negative outcome did in fact happen, it would be a catastrophe.

Up until now, I have been able to work thru every challenge with the help of “a consultant, coach, or mostly one of our children or their spouse.”

Job, number one, stop making it a “big deal” so I can have a pleasant trip through this vale of joy.”