Was talking to a friend after our morning workout this morning.

He volunteered that he wants to lose 25 lbs, I, 14 pounds. I weighed myself after the conversation and it is 16 pounds.

I suggested that after what we had been thru, that puny weight loss goals were easily attainable.

When I started running at age 42, I set myself the goal of running a marathon in one year. I bought a training schedule that would take me one year to prepare. It included losing 50 pounds, which I did.

Ran my last marathon, number 55 at age 80 and retired from running.

After a layoff of almost 8 years, I set myself a goal of running a half marathon at age 90.

I went to an indoor track in the club where I work out 5 days a week.

Best, I could do was shuffle 5 steps. Within 6 days I could do 15 steps, shuffle, slow trot, then walk, then shuffle a few steps, etc.

Which brings me to the stoic philosopher, “if you can’t learn to master thinking, you are in deep trouble forever.”

Whether it was alcohol, tobacco, 50 pounds, 26.2 miles, 385 yards, losing all of our money and borrowing $75 from our 16 year old daughter for groceries, every week, I knew I could master my thinking before; many times, I could probably do it again.

If I can’t learn to master my thinking, I am in deep trouble.

Forever is the same for all of us, it is today.